A Tow Bar fitted quickly, cleanly so it is ready to go - at our workshop or your home or workplace.

You get a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on your tow bar, backed by us and our manufacturers.

We go that extra step further, and give you lifetime FREE safety checks of your towbar, every 12 months, keeping you extra-safe. At no extra cost.

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Your tow bar needs to look good, yet be strong enough to take the towing load at 120km/h when overtaking.

The tow bar has to be able to withstand the bumps and potholes of the Australian bush roads, when our hard-working Council road workers (cough!) haven't yet finished filling in the potholes.

What you don't want is your towing load - your precious boat, caravan, trailer, motorbike or whatever - coming loose at 100km/h and crashing off into a tree or over a cliff.

You need reliability.

Our tow bars will give you peace of mind when towing - even when far away from any mechanic, you know that you'll be able to tow your stuff back to civilisation without a problem.


Robust, industry-leading suppliers of Tow Bars

We use one of these tow bars on your vehicle :

  • Hayman Reese tow bar
  • TrailBoss tow bar
  • TAG tow bar
  • Boronia tow bar
  • Baker and Priem tow bar


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